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Pilot Study Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifiers and Support Equipment

A successful pilot study yielding useful data depends upon equipment that is configured to fit the conditions at hand. Steps must be taken to ensure that the raw water flow rate is uniform, that water temperature, pH and solids loading are controlled, and that a suitable chemical pretreatment program is provided. If any of the preceding measures are lacking or deficient, the pilot study will likely not be representative of full-scale operation, thus making it difficult to project future costs and effluent quality. DAF Corp can provide equipment to make certain that the pilot clarifier receives wastewater with uniform characteristics. This support equipment includes equalization tanks, coagulation contact tank, oil/water separator, coagulation-flocculation tube bundle, polymer makeup system and pumps.

RC_ancillaries (14K)
Typical RC UniMax pilot clarifier with supporting equipment.

FC_tubebundle (12K)
6' FC Maximizer pilot clarifier with a coagulation-flocculation tube bundle at the right.

*Close-up of the tank window in the side of an operating FC Maximizer clarifier

PilotDscn1345 (10K)
Typical transportation of DAF pilot RC UniMax clarifier to job site just before mobilization.

Pilot_techs (23K)
Typical job site DAF pilot in progress for paper waste.

PilotDscn1291 (11K)
Pilot feasibility study.Food industry.

Pilot0003 (17K)
Pilot feasibility study.Fuel oil and gasoline.

AMT pilot systems available in sizes from 0 - 130 g.p.m. (Models: AMT-150, AMT-300 and AMT-500)


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