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A successful pilot study yielding useful data depends upon equipment that is configured to fit the conditions at hand. Steps must be taken to ensure that the raw water flow rate is uniform, that water temperature, pH and solids loading are controlled, and that a suitable chemical pretreatment program is provided. If any of the preceding measures are lacking or deficient, the pilot study will likely not be representative of full-scale operation, thus making it difficult to project future costs and effluent quality. DAF Corp can provide equipment to make certain that the pilot clarifier receives wastewater with uniform characteristics. This support equipment includes equalization tanks, coagulation contact tank, oil/water separator, coagulation-flocculation tube bundle, polymer makeup system and pumps.

 RC_ancillaries (14K)
Typical RC UniMax pilot clarifier with supporting equipment.
FC_tubebundle (12K)
6' FC Maximizer pilot clarifier w/coagulation-flocculation
tube bundle at the right.

*Close-up of the tank window in the side of an operating FC Maximizer clarifier

                                                                                                                       Typical DAF FC-60 Maximizer and RC Uni-Max piloting job

 PilotDscn1291 (11K)
            Pilot feasibility study.Food industry.
 Pilot0003 (17K)
         Pilot feasibility study.Fuel oil and gasoline.

AMT pilot systems available in sizes from 6 - 400 g.p.m. (Models: AMT-150, AMT-300 and AMT-500)

Graduated glass lab 1000 (mL) beaker.

Typical micro bubble lab sample taken from a
DAF Corp's air mixing tubes (AMT)
  Typically a DAF AMT micro bubble rise rate is 8" to 12" per minute. This is an easy check utilizing a 1000 (mL) beaker.

Typically you will see clean clarified water after25 seconds in the glass beaker.

We are a Design, Engineering and Sales Company that Specializes in Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifiers and Other Water Treatment-Related Equipment

DAF Corporation offers two types of dissolved air flotation clarifiers, the FC Maximizer and the RC Uni-Max. The FC Maximizer clarifier processes raw water flows of 10 g.p.m. to 11,000 g.p.m. utilizing the zero velocity concept in a shallow circular tank. Tank diameters range from 4 feet to 70 feet. RC UniMax clarifiers are rectangular in shape and are available in a range of sizes to process water flows 20 g.p.m. to 1000 g.p.m.

DAF Corp. conducts laboratory DAF feasibility analysis of process waters, provides on-site pilot feasibility studies, design, manufacturing, and complete installations of a DAF clarifier systems. All labor, parts, and equipment supplied by DAF Corp. are covered by a one-year warranty.

These clarifiers find applications in pulp and paper mills, recycled fiber de-inking, food processing, dairy, dairy manure,algae removal, textile industries, municipalities, before membrane systems, and others. Total suspended solids removal to below 50 ppm of filterable solids and thickened sludge consistency of 2-4% is indicative of the efficient operation of these devices.

The standard FC Maximizer features an all stainless steel round tank, epoxy painted carbon steel tank bottom supports, side wall stiffeners, heavy duty tank rim, top bridge and catwalks. Units can be fabricated entirely of stainless steel on request. All clarifiers feature a standard sludge cone, clear water separation wall, air mixing tube (AMT), center rotary joint, sludge scoop and top bridge with attached assembly.

Skid-Mounted FC Maximizers are very popular and preassembled with all ancillary piping, valves, controls, and wiring, ready for operation. Skid-mounted DAF clarifiers range from 30 g.p.m. (4' diameter) to 450 g.p.m. (15' diameter).

Laboratory Services

DAF Corp has a very well equipped facility to conduct treatability testing of water and wastewater samples. These laboratory studies enable the selection of cost effective, suitable water conditioning chemistry, sludge volumes. Determination of solids rise rates are also confirmed here, which will tell us the volume of recycle water required for efficient DAF treatment. Based upon laboratory testing and analytical data, we assess our customer’s requirements and provide a suitable solution.

Site Feasibility Studies and Pilot Testing

A pilot-scale dissolved air flotation system at the customer's facility is often conducted during the proposal guarantee stage of a project. Although we have an extensive database of DAF process applications from which to draw, at times it is essential that pilot trials be conducted to appraise the variability of the influent and to ensure that the customer's requirements for effluent quality and sludge characteristics are satisfied.

DAF Corp. utilizies two six-foot self-contained skid mounted FC Maximizer clarifiers. These FC Maximizer pilot units operate at influent flow rates of 10-50 g.p.m.

During the pilot trials DAF Corp. requests that customers:

1) supply sufficient quantities of treatment chemicals for pilot operation,
2) arrange for testing of water samples, and
3) assist in placing the pilot clarifier and provide for water, compressed air at 1 scfm, at 95 psi and electrical tie-ins.

Support equipment is available from DAF Corp. if needed, to make certain that the clarifier receives a consistent flow of properly pretreated influent. This equipment includes trash pumps, equalization/pH adjustment tanks, oil/water separators, coagulation tank, influent pumps, tube flocculator bundles, dry/liquid polymer makeup systems, sludge pumps, and storage tanks.

We Offer Turn Key Installations.    DAF Corporation, teamed with Accurate Mechanical Contractors, Inc., offers turn key installations with guaranteed deliveries and completion dates. DAF Corp. provides a one-year warranty on all components, except motors, drive bearings, air panels, seals and scrapers.

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