Dissolved Air Flotation Corporation (DAF Corp)
Textile Industry

All the process stages of the textile industry use large volumes of water.

    Floated blue-jean fiber that will be recycled into
                casings for lead writing pencils

  •   Reaching removal efficiencies of 99%
      the DAF API oil water separator
      is a dependable economic solution for
      industry in need of oil/water separation,

  •  Self Cleaning
        • Micro bubbles float solids – removed by scoop
        • Dirt/heavy solids are removed by bottom trough
       •2-3 minute retention time vs 30-45 in others

  •  User Friendly
       •Easy to operate and optimize
       •Large observation tank window
       •Easy operator flow adjustments
       •Full service operator and parts manual

  •  Designed to fit your existing operation
  •  Very Low Maintenance

  •  BOD, COD and solids removal

                       Potential Applications:

                       Oil Refineries
                       Chemical Plants
                       Natural Gas
                       Maintenance Garages
                       Vehicle Washers
                       Antifreeze Recovery
                       Metal Fabrication
                       Municipal Waste

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