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Dissolved Air Flotation Rectangular Clarifiers

An alternative to the DAF FC Maximizer, the RC UniMax has features unsurpassed by other rectangular clarifiers.See why these devices offer outstanding value while delivering quality clarified effluent.

Innovative design, outstanding performance, and quality craftsmanship are just a few of the characteristics that can describe this product.

These are the features that set the RC UniMax apart from others of its type:

Twin-pass hydraulic design. - Reduces short-circuiting of raw water and ensures that flocculated particles are exposed to micro bubbles thus enhancing flotation.

Superior sludge paddle design. - Eliminates scraper flight flipping while pushing sludge up and over the beach.

Choice of pressurized water inlets. - Enables introduction of air saturated recycle flow at different points in the tank.

Adjustable weir. - By adjusting water level, sludge consistency can be modified.

Adjustable inlet depth. - Allows flexibility if flotation characteristics of the solids change.

W2 Chemical Saver Static MixerTM. - Ensures optimum mixing of pressurized recycle water with raw water and flocculant polymer prior to introduction of feed into clarifier.

Air Mixing Tube (AMT) System. - The same efficient air dissolving system as used on FC Maximizer systems delivers a greater volume of micro bubbles with consistent size.

Higher capacity. - Higher hydraulic loading per unit of clarifier surface area than similar sized rectangular units.

Totally prefabricated. - Assembled and tested at our manufacturing facility.

Easy Installation - Slide into place, hook up the wiring and piping, and you are up and running in a matter of hours.

rc1 (26K) rc_tankwindow (6K)
RC UniMax DAF Rectangular clarifier RC UniMax tank window showing float mat (white) with clarified water below.
rc_wier (8K)
Clarified water cascading over weir.

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