Dissolved Air Flotation Corporation (DAF Corp)
Pulp and Paper

DAF Corporation has innovative solutions for every aspect of the pulp and paper industry.  Beginning with the treatment of the in-take water for process water clarification, to removal and reuse of stock from white water, deinking and recycle process water clarification and finally the treatment of process water for contaminant removal of waste water, DAF has a solution.  This enhanced performance of this state of the art technology will allow you to meet your objectives while reducing chemical treatment costs. 


•  99% Solids Removal

•  Algae and sediment removal
•  Fiber  Recovery
•  Reduction in chemical costs
•  Reduction:
              o  FOG
              o  BOD
              o  COD
              o  Phosphorus
              o  Nitrogen
  Minimize loading to WWTP

Potential Applications:
Incoming Process Water Treatment

Deinking/Fiber Recovery Recycle Fiber
Machine WW Clarification-Save-all
Waste Water- Primary
Secondary-Tertiary Clarification
Fiber Loss - Recovery


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