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Poultry Turkey Duck and Foul

The waste water generated from the processing of poultry, turkey duck and foul contains high levels of fat, solids, BOD, nitrogen and phosphorous. The DAF FC Maximizer with the AMT micro bubble generator and design chemical treatment will often provide water quality clean enough for direct discharge to most municipal treatment facilities.

Poultry, Turkey, Duck and Foul Processing:

•  99% Solids Removal

•  Reduction:
              o  FOG
              o  BOD
              o  COD
              o  Phosphorus
              o  Nitrogen
•Increase recycling use of process water

•Reduction in chemical costs

•User Friendly
                oEasy to operate and optimize
                oLarge observation tank window
                oEasy operator flow adjustments
                oFull service operator and parts manual

•Designed to fit your existing operation
 •Very Low Maintenance

•Minimize loading to WWTP

•Meet permit /discharge limits

•Designed to fit your existing operation

Potential Applications:

Incoming Water Treatment

Discharge water treatment
Process water treatment
Slaughter Houses
Animal rendering plants

Seafood processing plants
Land remediation
Manure processing

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