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The best Micro Bubble Generator in the industry is now even better. It is called the AMT OPTIMIZER. Check us out. DAF Corporation's innovative, unique, proprietary system can statistically prove its production of micro bubbles are more abundant. Our AMT Optimizer produces all equal sized micro bubbles in water 20 to 40 microns in size consistently 24/7, 365 days a year with a rise rate is 8" to 12" per minute. It consumes 1/3 less electric motor HP than others use. Its pressure pump can be ordered single phase 220 or 3-phase 440/480. It can be manually adjusted to produce ultra fine), equally sized bubbles. Most bubble generators produce a combination of large and small sized bubbles, our AMT Optimizer does not. Large and small bubbles coalesce in water, thus producing a percolating surface. It is paramount for uniform size micro bubbles for particulate floating buoyancy. Your results will be less polymer usage, increased analytical and skimming float volume.

If you are interested in saving money clarifying your waste water a new AMT Optimizer is the best value for your dollar. The optimizer is absolutely perfect for new or retro-fit applications such as flotation clarifiers, API separators, save-alls, treating frack drilling water, sludge thickeners, aeration ponds, odor control problems, oxygen depleted ponds, etc.

We have a number of different sized micro bubble generator demos for lease or trial that can be field retro-fitted to your system.

Request a demo at your plant. Stay ahead of the cost curve, our patent pending design will save you big dollars.

●Field proven design. Over 20 years of continuous innovation designs changes.
●Most economical operating micro bubble generator in the market place.
●Operates at 1/3 electrical HP compared to others.
●It can be retro-fitted.
●All wetted parts 304 SS
●One year unlimited warranty.
●Fabricated to ASME Standards
●Unprecedented Quality & Workmanship
●Eliminates costly polymer usage.
●User friendly
●Utilizes a very small amount of compressed air.
●Ideally situated for oil and grease floatation
●Easy to operate
●Full service operations manual and training
●Made in the U.S.A.

Dissolved Air Floatation (AMT)

Air Dissolving Tubes/Air Mixing Tubes/Micro Bubble Generators

Meet Treatment Standards with Our Leading Edge Dissolved Air Technology

Our AMT Produces Consistent and Abundant Sized Micro Air Bubbles with
No Coarse Air Bubbles.

Sold as pre-packaged retro-fit modules or individual tubes.
Can be installed vertically or horizontally.

 DAF Corporation’s Air Mixing Tubes
are the best and most efficient micro bubble generators in the world!

Good reasons to select an Air Mixing Tube from DAF Corp for your next fine bubble air flotation project or upgrade your existing DAF clarifier system. Our AMT will generate three times more micro bubbles, all consistently sized compared to your old micro bubble generator. We guarantee one of our AMT retro-fits will double, if not triple, your existing clarifier’s output capacity, if hydraulically your clarifier’s piping system can handle the increased flows.

We offer ten AMT models ranging in capacity from 6 GPM to 3000 GPM.                                                  

Principle AMT Operation                    

Our DAF air dissolving mixing tube (AMT) is an essential complement to any dissolved air flotation clarifier. It produces trillions of microscopic, uniformly sized air bubbles that attach themselves to the suspended particles in water making them strongly buoyant. Given proper water conditioning and suitable fine bubble size, even solids with densities higher than that of water can be raised to the surface of the clarifier.

Most modern dissolved air flotation systems require that a certain portion of clarified water be re-circulated back through some sort of micro bubble generator. Why not retro-fit your system with one of DAF Corp.’s AMTs. What separates our AMTs from all other designs and makes is, the AMT always generates bubbles of proper size with no coarse air bubbles. Once introduced into a DAF clarifier tank, they rise to the surface at the rate of approximately 8-12 inches per minute creating a thick float on the water surface of the tank.

Retro-Fit AMT-150 Skid Mount Analytical Performance Data



Flow to clarifier


20 GPM

30 GPM

40 GPM

Reduced operating time and chemical costs

Existing clarifier discharge water TSS PPM

40 PPM

50 PPM

160 PPM

380 PPM

New Retrofit AMT clarifier discharge water

14 PPM

16 PPM

18 PPM

20 PPM

Average = 99.7% Removal
Process time old system 6.7 hours average
Process time with new retrofit AMT - 150 system:   2.3 hours average

● Converts a pressure head to a velocity head.
  Flows can be modified.
  Operator can control the range of bubble sizes.
  No moving parts.
  Adjustable air to water ratios.
  Even control of air for uniform bubble size.
  Coarse air bleed off.
  Skid mounted tube, pump(s), electrical,trim, piping, air regulator, flow meter, pre-packaged ready for operation.



  Manufactured in 11 different sizes to deliver flows from 1 to 3000 gpm.
  Units can also be installed in series for unlimited flows.
  Operator exercises control over creation of micro-bubbles of specific size for the application enhancing performance.
  Improves flotation and float mat in any type of cell.
  Improves TSS removal efficiencies.
  Reduces city sewer surcharge and chemical costs.
  Limited engineering costs for retrofits.
  User friendly.
  One year warranty.

DAF Micro Bubble Generator Air Dissolving Mixing Tube AMT

Description and Operation

The DAF AMT micro bubble generator air dissolving mixing tube is an essential complement to a dissolved air flotation clarifier. The AMT produces billions of microscopic 20 to 50 microns, uniformly sized air bubbles that attach themselves to the waste particles making them strongly buoyant. Given proper water conditioning and suitable fine bubble size, even solids with densities higher than that of water can be raised to the surface of the clarifier.

Any DAF clarifier system requires that a certain portion of clarified water be re-circulated back through the AMT micro bubble generator recycle pump from the clarifier. This recycled water is processed through the AMT micro bubble generator and is injected back into the clarifier mixed with the raw influent. The AMT is suitable for operation with clarifiers of any tank geometry.

Our AMT micro bubble generator is designed to pressurize water with air at 78 psig. The supply feed pipe is offset and positioned tangentially to the tube. Water pumped into the tube develops a rotating action. The combination of pressure and agitation causes air to dissolve into the water. A vortex forms at the central axis of the tube. Un-dissolved air collects at the vortex and is removed from the tube through a course air bleed off line. The flow rate through the AMT micro bubble generator is determined by the pressure drop between two gauges located on the inlet feed pipe line to the tube and the other located at the end of AMT tube. Normal operating differential pressure is approximately 7 psig.

During normal operation, the water is pressurized in the range of 60-78 psig with the recycle pump. Compressed air is added through the air dispersing panels and mixed rapidly with water in the AMT micro bubble generator. The high mixing energy created in the AMT micro bubble generator maximizes its efficiency. Leaving the AMT, the super-saturated water passes through a pressure release valve where it is reduced to the pressure of the clarifier inlet. Under this condition the water can no longer hold the volume of dissolved air that it did at the elevated pressure. Spontaneously, very fine air bubbles of approximately 20-50 mm diameter form, giving the recycled water a milky appearance. Air bubbles of proper size for DAF clarification will rise in a container at approximately 8-12 inches per minute.

DAF Corporation is committed to cost effective and efficient solutions for the wastewater industry.

O2 (oxygen) Injector

DAF oxygen injection systems are ideal for oxidation growth of micro organisms. It is designed to make an oxygen rich environment in water. DO levels are attained more quickly and efficiently than compressed air or aerators. They are also ideal for maintaining an aerated O2 environment in long force mains lowering H2S and corrosion. Ideal for reducing oxygen demand at WWTP. It enables wastewater to convert from an anaerobic condition in sewer pipes to an aerobic condition. This will result in lower sulfide levels, COD depletions and the elimination of oder. Each DAF O2 injection dissolver is designed and sized for the needs of each user. It can be adapted to unique and organic needs. Piloting DAF O2 dissolvers are available.

 Capacity: 1,000 lbs per day O2                                      Pilot 700 g.p.m. O2 Injector                           


  Capacity:  4,000 lbs per day O2

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