Dissolved Air Flotation Corporation (DAF Corp)
Dissolved Oxygen Generators for Oxidation

Dissolved Oxygen Generator Systems For Oxidation

DAF oxygen injection systems dissolve a supply of  O2 into liquids and are ideal for oxidation growth of micro organisms. Its patent pending design makes an oxygen rich environment in its process water. DO levels are attained more quickly and efficiently than compressed air or aerators. They are also ideal for maintaining an aerated O2 environment in long force mains lowering H2S and corrosion. Ideal for reducing oxygen demand at WWTP. It enables wastewater to convert from an anaerobic condition in sewer pipes to an aerobic condition. This results in lower sulfide levels, COD depletions and the elimination of odor. Each DAF O2 injection dissolver is designed and sized for the needs of each user. It can be adapted to unique and organic needs. Pilot DAF O2 dissolvers are available.

Capacity: 1,000 lbs per day O2                                        Pilot 700 g.p.m. O2 Injector

Capacity:  4,000 lbs per day O2
Dissolved Oxygen Generators for Oxidation


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