Dissolved Air Flotation Corporation (DAF Corp)

FC Maximizer

Water Treatment
from the FC Maximizer
creates the cleanest water
possible for many inductries. Learn More

Water Treatment from the
RC Unimax creates the
cleanest water possible for
many industries. So clean, in fact,
that companies recycle it in
closed loops systems. Learn More

Micro Bubble Generator

Absolutely the best system
offered in the market place. Creates
consistent size micron bubbles with no coarse
air bubbles. It uses only one third the required motor hp compared to other systems.
Learn More

DAF Corp. Water Treatment Applications and Industries Served

Algae Biofuels/Animal Feed Stock

Agriculture and Food Processing

Breweries and Beverage Manufactures

Meat Processing and Packaging

Mining and Minerals

Oil and Water Separation - Oil Recovery

Poultry, Turkey, Duck and Foul Processing

Pulp and Paper

Textile Industry

Service is our success
You will find that our prices and after-sales service are what you are looking for!

• Three-year warranty on all fabricated stainless parts
• AutoCAD as built drawings, as needed
• After sales service package
• Superior Quality
• Full traceability
• Competitive pricing
• Exclusive U.S.A. fabrication according to ANSI or Metric DIN Standards


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