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FC Maximizer Shipping and Delivery

FC Maximizer systems are assembled at the factory to ensure precise fitting of components. For shipping, clarifiers are disassembled in eight-foot wide sections and loaded onto flatbed semi-trailers, or for overseas delivery, packed in metal containers. DAF Corp. will assist your personnel during unloading/erection and startup anywhere in the world.

loading (22K)62'sections_onground (10K)
Loading disassembled clarifier sections onto a flatbed trailer.                Clarifier sections staged prior to loading and strapping on trailer.

ShipScan002 (19K)
DAF clarifier strapped down before tarping.

strapt_tarpt (10K)
Equipment is strapped and tarped for protection during shipment.

ShipScan001 (19K)
Air dissolving tube and rotating scoop ready to ship.

Ship1563 (21K)
Small dia. DAF clarifiers are shrink wrapped and wood crated for maximum protection

ship1 (22K)
DAF 18" dia. clarifier shipped in an overseas canister to South America

ship2 (26K)
Typical DAF Maximizer tank sections loaded for shipment at Plant 2 in Kaukauna, Wisconsin.

55' DAF clarifier disassembled and ready to be shipped to customer.

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