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Following are DAF Maximizer clarifiers in various stages of assembly at Accurate Mechanical Contractors Inc (AMCI). AMCI has exclusive agreements for the manufacture and installation of DAF Corp wastewater treatment equipment. All clarifiers are preassembled and tested at the factory. Customers and potential customers are always welcome any time to visit us at our facilities in Kaukauna, WI

Fab1481 (31K)   
Typical FC-60, 6' dia., 45 g.p.m. clarifier completely                             
15' dia. FC-150 Maximizer clarifier all fabricated with
fabricated out of 304-L S/S                                                                  304L stainless steel with a carbon steel operator's platform

33'maximizer (32K)    FabDcp_1562 (25K)
33' FC Maximizer completed on shop floor. Hydraulic capacity            
27' dia. DAF Maximizer clarifier, pre-piped and on support stand with
of this clarifier is about 2580 G.P.M. w/recycle flow.                             service platform ready for customer’s inspection before disassembly and shipment.

RC 60 Uni-Max                                                      Trailer mount, 250 g.p.m. DAF clarifier and sludge tank.

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