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The FC Maximizer

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Why DAF Corp.'s FC Maximizer is unique              FC Maximizer Features

Complete Turnkey Operation                                                   • Very Low Maintenance
    •   Catwalks                                                                                    •   Unique Rotary Joint
    •   Clarifier Support Platforms                                                           •   2-Blade Rotary Scoop
    •   Control Panel pre-wired to instrumentation                                    •   Centralized Greasing Station
    •   Operator's Platform                                                                     •   Replacement parts are Standardized
    •   Approach piping routed to outside edge of                                          USA made parts
        clarifier support stand                    
    •   Instrumentation pre-wired and pre-wired                                 •  Self Cleaning
                                                                                                           •   Micro bubbles float solids
•  Eliminates need for project or Consulting Engineers                        removed by scoop
                                                                                                           •   Dirt/heavy solids are removed by
•  Designed to fit your existing operation                                             bottom trough
                                                                                                           •   2 to 3 minute retention time
•  There are no hidden costs when buying a                                        vs 30 to 40 in others
   DAF FC Maximizer
                                                                                                     •  Minimal Installation Time
•  99.8% removal efficiency of most waste water                            •   Fits and installs easily
                                                                                                           •   Low floor loading 150#/sq ft
•  User Friendly
    •   Easy to operate and optimize
    •   Large observation tank window
    •   Easy operator flow adjustments
    •   Full service operator and parts manual

DAF Corp. Dissolved Air Flotation Circular Clarifier Sizes

fc_chart (53K)scircle (21K)

DAF FC Maximizers are suitable for removal of solids down to 100 ppm. Performance is guaranteed provided DAF Maximizers are operated in accordance with DAF Corporation instructions.

Factors that contribute to the efficiency and economics of the Maximizer include:

• Rapid Rising Velocity - reduces the process time to three minutes or less compared to other clarifiers with water retention times of 15 to 30 minutes.

• Water Depth - Maximizer tank water is only 15 to 18 inches deep. Because of this, only 150 pounds per square foot of floor support is needed and only half the floor space is necessary compared to a rectangular dissolved air flotation clarifier.

Due to the rapid rising velocity and the shallow water depth, the DAF Maximizer clarifies the same volume of water in half or less of the floor space. Furthermore, the DAF Maximizer FC clarifies the same quantity of water in 3 minutes versus 15 minutes required by many conventional dissolved air flotation clarifiers.

*Close-up of the tank window in the side of an operating FC Maximizer clarifier

Typical Applications for FC Maximizers include:

• Scum Removal
• Solids Recovery
• Solids Recovery before Membrane Systems
• Algae Removal/Lipid Oil
• Sludge Thickening
• Tanning Companies
• Food Processing
• Dairy/Farm Manure Recovery
• Breweries
• Poultry Processing
• Refineries
• Pharmaceuticals

Dissolved Air Flotation Advantages of DAF FC Maximizer Clarifiers

• Proven results with maximum return of costs
• Continuous self-cleaning
• Clean Water
• Totally integrated• Simple installation
• Space savings and low foundation costs
• Low installation and operating costs
• High flotation rates
• Meets increasingly stringent government regulations
• Quick and simple field erection

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