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Algae Biofuels/Animals Feed

Algae Biofuels/Animal Feed Stock

Algae’s biomass, once refined, can be used for animal feed and its lipid oil for blended petroleum based fuels.

DAF Corporation’s FC Maximizer clarifier is a hybrid DAF clarifier perfectly designed to feed and harvest algae. This DAF Maximizer clarifier is a very cost-effective algae harvesting machine sold in the marketplace. It feeds and harvests algae with removal efficiencies reaching 99%. Everyone knows algae feeds on carbon dioxide and sun light. Our unique DAF clarifier design allows you to pipe back its clean carbon dioxide enriched nutrient discharge water into your growing pond for enhanced growth and production.  A side stream of carbon dioxide laden water from our AMT is consistently delivering its fine micron bubbles into the processing clarifier tank.  Trillions of CO2 micro bubbles all equal sized, rise to the surface in the Maximizer tank with NO coarse air bubbles. This process creates a dense fine algae float mat that is removed by the FC Maximizer variable speed, two-blade rotating scoop. Its unique design gently dips into the surface float and scoops up the algae and lipid oil, discharging it into the clarifier piping system for processing.

Algae Harvester by Dissolved Air Floatation Corporation (DAF Corp.)

Algae’s biomass once refined can be used for animal feed or its lipid oil for blended petroleum based fuels. Our DAF FC Maximizer clarifier is a very cost-effective way to harvest algae. It can also feed algae. Part of our DAF clarifier system is the AMT air dissolving system.  It can be used to nourish algae with a side stream of CO2 as a nutrient.  It’s very unique in design. This side stream of carbon dioxide with laden water and compressed air from this AMT is injected into the DAF clarifier as fine micron bubbles. These micron bubbles rise to the surface of the water in the tank at a rate 10" to 12" per minute. Hundreds of millions of all equal sized, fine micron bubbles entrap themselves in the suspended solids or algae bloom in the DAF Maximizer tank. Parallel with this process, on the DAF’s open tank top rim is a rotating stainless steel tank carriage that supports the fixed and rotating tank internal parts.  A stainless steel, variable speed, two-blade rotating scoop is attached to it. This unique design gently dips and scoops up the dense fine float mat and discharges it into a discharge pipe.

Analytically, our FC Maximizer clarifier is superior to any other DAF clarifier manufactured. Its water clarifying efficiencies have not been matched. Clean carbon dioxide enriched nutrient water is discharged from the clarifier tank.  This water can be piped back into different systems for a multitude of uses.

The DAF FC-Maximizer is easy to operate and is self-cleaning.  It’s designed perfectly to float suspended solids.  It operates with minimal turbulence in a shallow round tank.  The FC Maximizer will remove 98% of the algae bloom and lipid oil within the first two and a half minutes.  The clarifier’s wetted parts are all stainless steel. Life expectancy can be 50 years or longer if properly maintained. Twenty different sizes are designed and manufactured, ranging from 20 g.p.m. up to 9000 g.p.m. They are easy to transport, install or relocate. All DAF FC Maximizers are manufactured in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, USA. Custom design systems and fabrications average six months or less from receipt of order.

The right choice for harvesting algae bloom or nourishing it is a DAF FC Maximizer clarifier or our AMT skid air dissolving tube systems. In the long run, high efficiencies and payback dollars are guaranteed compared to purchasing any other brand.  Email or call DAF Corporation for a pilot demo or visit our plant in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, USA.

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