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DAF Corporation has years of experience and expertise to recommend, manufacture, rebuild and install wastewater treatment equipment. We can provide services such as process consultation and conduct wastewater characterization and pilot equipment studies for our customers.

Our flagship product, the DAF Maximizer FC clarifier, is an innovative, hybrid dissolved air flotation cell. The DAF Maximizer features a circular tank design in sizes varying from 6' diameter to 70' diameter enabling the treatment of process flows ranging from 29 gallons per minute to 11,000 gallons per minute.

The standard DAF Maximizer FC clarifier comprises a stainless steel round tank, epoxy painted carbon steel tank supports, side wall stiffeners, heavy duty tank rim, top carriage, and catwalks. Units can be constructed with stainless steel throughout.

The round tank, approximately 32" deep, has a center carriage that rotates at the same velocity as the influent is being discharged into the tank. By this means, quiescent flotation conditions are created. Actual water depth in the tank varies from 16" to 18" depending upon sludge consistency requirements.  At the designed hydraulic loading rate of 3.5 gallons per minute per square foot of surface area, the retention time is approximately 3 minutes.  All Maximizer FCs are configured with the Air Mixing Tube (AMT), an essential complement to the system. The combination of quiescent flotation conditions, shallow tank depth, and efficient air dissolving system ensures that the DAF Maximizer system removes suspended solids from water with high efficiency.

Applications:  The Maximizer FC is used for clarification of wastewater, clarification of raw water for potable use, material recovery, and sludge thickening. Potential end users are pulp and paper industry, pharmaceutical industry, food processing, dairy plants, municipalities and utilities.  Removal of suspended solids can exceed 98% and sludge consistency of 2-4% is typical.

Skid Mounted Maximizer FC Cell: We offer a completely self-contained skid mounted DAF Maximizer FC cell with all accessories. Sizes are available from 4' to 15' diameter for treatment up to 550 gpm.

P.O. Box 497,  Kaukauna, WI  54130-0497
Phone:  (920) 766-6052

Fax:  (920) 766-6054

E-mail:  sales@dafcorp.com

Internet:  www.dafcorp.com

Specializing in cost-effective solid/liquid separation equipment,
DAF Corporation provides innovative solutions to unique
wastewater treatment problems...

Excellence in design, engineering and construction.

Introducing the DAF Corp FC Maximizer Clarifier
      Successfully operates in a diverse range of industries
      Significantly smaller than conventional rectangular units
      State of the art computer controls (fully automated)
      Minimal operator supervision
      Excellent solids recovery levels - 95% and higher

   •    Factory assembled, bolted steel construction minimizes 
installation costs
   •    All products are manufactured to highest possible standards.
                               19 Sizes Available:    6' - 70' Diameter
20 G.P.M. - 11,000 G.P.M.
                               Hydraulic Loading:   3 - 5  Gallons Per Sq. Ft.


Accurate Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Working Together With DAF Corp.

Accurate Mechanical Contractors, Inc. (AMCI) is the manufacturer and installer of different types and manufactured names of dissolved air clarifiers. We do refurbish many types of clarifiers and replace old,obsolete air dissolving systems. This knowledge and service can’t be overlooked when compared to the alternative of purchasing a new DAF clarifier system.  DAF Corp.'s micro bubble generator manufacturer is AMCI.  We are committed to satisfying our customer's needs. If you require a turnkey installation or a rebuild of your existing clarifier, sludge press, side hill, or separator, please contact us. Together, we pursue performance and competence, forging integrity and trust in our interactions with customers. AMCI has the exclusive manufacturing rights for the fabrication of DAF Corporation’s wastewater treatment products.

Cost Saving Advantages Include:

• Replacement DAF Clarifier Parts
• One Source Turnkey Team Contractor
• Project Management, Manufacturing and Installation
• Quality Control and Traceability of Products
• After Sale Maintenance Inspections
• Companies Located in Northeast Central Wisconsin, USA
• One Year Warranty on Our Products
• Competitive Pricing and Service


For additional information or a quotation contact:
DAF Corporation
PO Box 497
Kaukauna, Wisconsin, 54130-0497 USA
Phone: (920) 766-6052
Fax: (920) 766-6054
URL: www.dafcorp.com

Accurate Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
PO Box 497
Kaukauna, Wisconsin, 54130-0497 USA
Phone: (920) 766-3768
Fax: (920) 766-6054
URL: www.accuratemechanical.com


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